Monday, December 13, 2010

They take their own sweet time

I keep wanting to make more cards but they only seem to come suddenly and unexpectedly rather than when I think I want to make them. These two are a case in point. I was tidying up and came across this old picture of Terry and Rebeh and a card just had to be made THEN, and, of course, it came together easily. But - it was while I was in the middle of other things so it got a bit of paint on it. Also I scanned it with its cover on and that doesn't work so well in terms of colour.
You are the ones I love more than anyone else
And then I found my long lost box of postcards. The post card of two women has always been very powerful to me and suddenly another card was made. Because 30 years on its still there!
I Am The One Who never had a baby

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sad and fearful day

I Am The One Who feels lost and fearful.  I am hanging from my own thoughts which gives me a sense of being no one and everyone and all over the place.  I Am The One Who is still a baby inside and is scared of the unknown. I Am The One who wants to hide my pain and sadness from others because I really have nothing to be sad or fearful of. But I am.

What gifts do you bring me?

I bought you the gift of feeling better once the card was made.

What do you want from me?

I want you to see the beauty in the darkness the small explosions of light that will lead you to the other side.

Is there anything you would like to say to me today?

Make cards when you can, they are very useful.

PS on 13th December 2010 ~ Making this card was the push to get onto the phone and arrange a Byron Katie session with Valli & Gramya I have been the proverbial box of fluffy ducks ever since. From the above to ...well I might make another card to show how great I'm feeling now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspired by Citra Solv

I first found out about Citra Solv through Kaleidosoul's Yahoo group and now I have made my first two cards with citra solv backgrounds. And boy, did they get made fast. Unlike the last one that took days to put together these just happened. I used precut out pictures and within half an hour I made these two.
This one is in the 'too hard basket' for a reading yet.
I think this is some thing to do with the masks I wear

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So wanted to be made

This card has been desperate to be made for two days. I stated with the nude, all the other symbols gathered around her. I tried them on top of sooo many backgrounds, none worked and today while listening to the Seena Frost audio from kaleidosoul I tore images out of National Geographics and bingo, I had my background. So here it is. What's the reading? Spring? The Kingfisher is important, it's a bringer of love and prosperity. One flew into my window on Sunday. A loud wake up call? I think this might my first Companions Suite card?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Two new cards

Anu's 50th Birthday Card
This first one belongs with my Community Suite. Its the first one I have done for someone else. I made it for Anu's 50th birthday, quickly and at the last minute. I gave it a very brief reading and wrote it as a birthday message. It says complex, beautiful and full of joy. She is also musically and artistically very creative so that energy is there too. When I start doing my own readings I will know what it means if it comes up.

I did this yesterday my very recent trip to England for my Papa's 90th. It's surprisingly bleak and pastel.
One week home from family reunion
 I Am The One who has walked away from the security of a loving family. I Am The One who has left the land of my heart. I Am the One who has a father with not much time left.

What Gifts Do You Bring Me?
I bring you the gift of independence

What Do you Want From Me? 
I want you to soften and be more excepting of who you are and what you have done. I want you to be grateful for the wonderfulness of the life you have. Remember how it could have been if you stayed in England. Lost in a world of drugs. None of your friends there now are into the same as you. I want you to remember how much you have grown because you went away.

I there anything you would like to say to me today?
You have created a very fine life. Not possible had you stayed. Hey, you could even still be unconscious!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SoulCollage® Information for this blog

This blog is called SoulCollage® which is a registered name, so I need to tell you a few things. It was founded by Seena Frost her web site it

SoulCollage® cards can’t be sold, bartered or traded, they are for personal use only. They are about our inner journey.

I am grateful to, and thank, all the artists and photographers who have created the images I use for my cards. Its great, while looking for images, to look at so much talented work.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding Images

I am getting very frustrated with the image finding for SoulCollage. I trawled through about 10 magazines the other day and got like five images. Fashion magazines are not that great. House and Garden is good for houses and gardens. I want people. Lets not complain. I have 100 National Geographics to go through. I foud them at the local op shop and got them for $20.
Who is the Savage?
This is the only one left on my wall. The others are now standing up in a box.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cards so far

This is the first SoulCollage card I made. Below is the reading I did about two weeks later.
I did this reading yesterday morning as part of my morning pages.  I seemed to read from both the main figures in the card. Once I wrote it out and read it  I edited a bit. ( I like a nice edit!)

I Am the One Who is pretending to scare you but, I am just a mask. I have no arms. I am strong and menacing but I am static and cannot move.  I am powerless except in your mind. I am the one who menaces your thoughts. I am easily devoured by flames and I have around me beauty and new life if you can just see it. I am the one who watches over you while you have your head in the sand.
I Am the One Who has buried my head in the sand and left my gold exposed on the earth.
I Am the One Who holds the world in my hand as a memory.
The gifts I bring you are to remember that I am in your mind. I am your thoughts. I only have the power you give me, I have none of my own. Because I can do strange and powerful feats, like not breath for a long time, the gift I have to offer you is to remember your strength and your power. Remember that you can do or be anything you want as well as, as healthy as you want to be.
We both want you to rise up like the flame in the middle and become like that flame, pure, bright, vigorous and unfettered by fearful thoughts.
This is my second card. I really liked the arm but have no idea what it's all about.
 Third card and ditto. But I think its a very intriguing image.

And so it goes on. The next two are my arthritis cards. The first one is the night time stalker the next one is the one I did for Liz Hart - the tapping fiasco! Readings for both coming up.
There are also four more that need to be added to this post - I have just looked at all my cards out in one place and saw these were missing from the blog.. but its so hard to get them up where I want them.
My Enthusiasm
My Judge and Snob

I've always wanted to be rich & famous

Seeking the Hand of God

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm not good enough

This one is the bane of my life!

I Am the One Who, even when everything in your life is sweet, still tells you you are not good enough, could do more, are wasting time, are a waste of space.

What gifts to you bring me?
I bring you the gift of remembering there is beauty all around you. It changes with the seasons but always has beauty and the promise of renewal.

What do you want from me?
 I want you to put your head up again each time I appear. Look around and find any point, anything that reminds you of something that is good about your, even if it's just that your eyes can see.

Is there anything you would like to say to me today?
This time, right now, this fallow time is moving you into a much bigger and more expansive time. I need to have purpose. Use me for the greater good.

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Blog

I have just created a new blog for SoulCollage so that I can keep Affirmation Art for the art, when ever it comes on board again. I am not sure that I can move the soulcollage stuff to this blog so I might just make this one the new start from NOW! The first card I am going to put up is the one I did for my community suite which is the one of Sue.
I was inspired to make this card when I found the Victorian women, as we once made up a story (32 years ago) that we'd had another life as Victorian friends. So I took the idea and ran with it and made lots of lives we could have had, including the one we did, bottom left. I last saw Sue in 1984 or something like that. But we still occasionally are in email contact, or speak on the phone. I will do a reading of this card soon.