Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tilda's cards

Back from meditation retreat

This card was made some weeks before I went on my 15 day meditation retreat. I had no idea of its meaning when I made it but when I was on the retreat I remembered it and knew just what is was telling me.

I Am The One who has been waiting for you to acknowledge me and take me in from the emptyness I have been living in for these many years. Thankfully the light of spirit shines on me while I sit here. This is what has kept me alive until you do more than talk about me but actually take me into your heart.

These are the two cards that are about the retreat experience.
 I Am The One Who is the wounded child who couldn't read till she was eight and who made that mean the world. I Am The One Who figured every one else gave me a hard time so I should too. I Am The One Who had painful reading sessions with my father, that ended with him angry and me in tears.  I Am The One Who has put those wounded children in my heart and is nurturing and loving them now.  I Am The One Who also had fun and smiled and enjoyed life. I Am The One Who had wonderful stories told to me by my father about Arisophenes the giraffe.

I Am The One Who continued to fail school as a teenager. I Am The One Who was always told "could try harder" I Am The Ones Who are the gargoyles in your right ear telling you you are not good enough or right and that you need to be different. I Am The One Who has some wonderful parcels at my disposal, filled with pleasant and beautiful surprises. I Am The One Who learns to open then and use them for my good.

And this card is me post retreat.
I Am The One Who is lighting the new flame of hope and renewal in my life. I Am The One Who has many more immense flames of inspiration and life to light. I Am The One Who is transforming into a new life.  I Am The One Who basks in the freshness and warmth of  the new life I am living. I Am The One Who is still strong and stroppy and ready to take on the world and who is loved by me for it.

You can read about the retreat experience - told as a story - here.