Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding Images

I am getting very frustrated with the image finding for SoulCollage. I trawled through about 10 magazines the other day and got like five images. Fashion magazines are not that great. House and Garden is good for houses and gardens. I want people. Lets not complain. I have 100 National Geographics to go through. I foud them at the local op shop and got them for $20.
Who is the Savage?
This is the only one left on my wall. The others are now standing up in a box.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cards so far

This is the first SoulCollage card I made. Below is the reading I did about two weeks later.
I did this reading yesterday morning as part of my morning pages.  I seemed to read from both the main figures in the card. Once I wrote it out and read it  I edited a bit. ( I like a nice edit!)

I Am the One Who is pretending to scare you but, I am just a mask. I have no arms. I am strong and menacing but I am static and cannot move.  I am powerless except in your mind. I am the one who menaces your thoughts. I am easily devoured by flames and I have around me beauty and new life if you can just see it. I am the one who watches over you while you have your head in the sand.
I Am the One Who has buried my head in the sand and left my gold exposed on the earth.
I Am the One Who holds the world in my hand as a memory.
The gifts I bring you are to remember that I am in your mind. I am your thoughts. I only have the power you give me, I have none of my own. Because I can do strange and powerful feats, like not breath for a long time, the gift I have to offer you is to remember your strength and your power. Remember that you can do or be anything you want as well as, as healthy as you want to be.
We both want you to rise up like the flame in the middle and become like that flame, pure, bright, vigorous and unfettered by fearful thoughts.
This is my second card. I really liked the arm but have no idea what it's all about.
 Third card and ditto. But I think its a very intriguing image.

And so it goes on. The next two are my arthritis cards. The first one is the night time stalker the next one is the one I did for Liz Hart - the tapping fiasco! Readings for both coming up.
There are also four more that need to be added to this post - I have just looked at all my cards out in one place and saw these were missing from the blog.. but its so hard to get them up where I want them.
My Enthusiasm
My Judge and Snob

I've always wanted to be rich & famous

Seeking the Hand of God