Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SoulCollage with Carla

Ever so slowly getting there with finding people who are interested in SoulCollage. Just need to get Christine here and then I can start building a group, if we can all meet at the same time!
This was the card Carla made. It was so lovely when she finally found the background cos we both knew she had FOUND THE ONE!
And this is mine
I Am The One Who Is adventurous, playful and full of fun.

What gifts do you bring to me I bring you the gift of seeing that this is a part of you and reminding you that all those parts are alive parts of you even though they are not so present in your life right now.

What do you want from me. I want you to keep this card out where you can see it not tucked away where it is now. I want you to pick it up and look at it every day, especially the leaping girl who every time you look at her you think ah, that's me. It is you. that is why you feel such a closeness to her.

Is there anything else. Look at the movement in the card, the fun and speed and the randomness of it. This is you having fun!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I decided to make a birthday card for a dear, young friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I couldn't get past this image. I tried many and just kept getting called back to this one. It is just the one image pasted to the 5" x 8" card. My reading is:

I Am The One Who Is young, vulnerable but not afraid. I am held by something so much larger than myself I can't see it all, but when I look closely I see I am held carefully. It's not its intention to hurt me. It knows not what it does. But I do. I know. I look out from its enclosure with clear eyes and gently wait my time to jump free and once again frolic in the sunlight.