Monday, December 13, 2010

They take their own sweet time

I keep wanting to make more cards but they only seem to come suddenly and unexpectedly rather than when I think I want to make them. These two are a case in point. I was tidying up and came across this old picture of Terry and Rebeh and a card just had to be made THEN, and, of course, it came together easily. But - it was while I was in the middle of other things so it got a bit of paint on it. Also I scanned it with its cover on and that doesn't work so well in terms of colour.
You are the ones I love more than anyone else
And then I found my long lost box of postcards. The post card of two women has always been very powerful to me and suddenly another card was made. Because 30 years on its still there!
I Am The One Who never had a baby


  1. These are all so fantastic! What a great inspiration!

  2. Thanks Rabbit. I can highly recommend SoulCollage. Check out the web site