Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspired by Citra Solv

I first found out about Citra Solv through Kaleidosoul's Yahoo group and now I have made my first two cards with citra solv backgrounds. And boy, did they get made fast. Unlike the last one that took days to put together these just happened. I used precut out pictures and within half an hour I made these two.
This one is in the 'too hard basket' for a reading yet.
I think this is some thing to do with the masks I wear


  1. Hi Rosie! These are terrific! I am from Citra Solv and we would love to include them on our ATC page on our Website. Please contact me at if you would be ok with this! Once again - they really are wonderful and I hope we hear from you, Melissa and the Citra Solv gang

  2. Ditto, these images are stunning Artist Rosie! So wonderful to see you exploring Soul Collage and sharing them with us, thank you. Look forward to checking back in for inspiration! Love, Kati