Friday, October 22, 2010

Two new cards

Anu's 50th Birthday Card
This first one belongs with my Community Suite. Its the first one I have done for someone else. I made it for Anu's 50th birthday, quickly and at the last minute. I gave it a very brief reading and wrote it as a birthday message. It says complex, beautiful and full of joy. She is also musically and artistically very creative so that energy is there too. When I start doing my own readings I will know what it means if it comes up.

I did this yesterday my very recent trip to England for my Papa's 90th. It's surprisingly bleak and pastel.
One week home from family reunion
 I Am The One who has walked away from the security of a loving family. I Am The One who has left the land of my heart. I Am the One who has a father with not much time left.

What Gifts Do You Bring Me?
I bring you the gift of independence

What Do you Want From Me? 
I want you to soften and be more excepting of who you are and what you have done. I want you to be grateful for the wonderfulness of the life you have. Remember how it could have been if you stayed in England. Lost in a world of drugs. None of your friends there now are into the same as you. I want you to remember how much you have grown because you went away.

I there anything you would like to say to me today?
You have created a very fine life. Not possible had you stayed. Hey, you could even still be unconscious!

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