Monday, April 18, 2011

Two mysterious cards

I have NO idea what these are about but I find the one with the little kid walking off the jetty disturbing. And the little kid in space is not looking towards the light. Both made while Sarah was here.

Five minutes later, not so mysterious. I have to trust what the card on the left is saying to me.

I Am The One Who made a choice many years ago to not become a junkie. I show you that the enticement was strong, it looked like a beautiful, intricate and glowing point in your journey. But, if you study me, you can see that the path is actually the tongue of a poisonous snake. You knew that at some fundamental level so walked off fearlessly.

What gifts do you bring me I bring you the gift of acknowledgment of your wisdom even when you were still deeply unconscious.

What do you want from me nothing but for you to accept yourself more fully and remember the good moves you have made.

Is there anything you would like to say to me today I love your fearlessness. It is still there in you in so many ways.



  1. The child walking off the pier/walkway is powerful and it looks like you read it perfectly for your Self. It would be interesting what the little girl in the other image has to say to you. Thank you for sharing your images.

  2. I felt the pain of making the right decision long ago and I am so proud of that little one!

  3. Children have to go a long way, "Where to?

  4. Wow! This card was very meaningful to me as I experienced the pain of losing someone who made the wrong choice. I didn't see the snake and tongue, and he didn't either.